Billeting Guidelines​​​​​​​

Billeting involves collecting your allocated visiting children (usually between 4.30pm and 5.00pm), taking them home for a meal and sleepover, ensuring they have been allocated their own bed and are comfortable, then returning them to school after breakfast on the following morning when you return your son.

Parents of boarders who billet take their own son home as well!  

A programme is printed and issued as soon as the billeting list is completed. 

At the request of our visiting teams we billet in pairs or more and where possible, we always match up the boys in the opposing team so they can enjoy each other’s company before facing them on the “field” the next day.  

If you have completed this form and indicated you are able to host billets for the upcoming Prep Fixture's - Then, please deem this as confirmed.

You will only be notified by the Office if no billets have been placed with you on this occasion. ​​​​​​​

Please note: Your son does not have to be in a sports team to billet – we welcome all offers from the school family.  It is a fun and enjoyable experience to host visitors and younger boys also like to meet experienced “sportsmen” from other schools.

We greatly appreciate your help to host our visiting Sports Prep Fixture teams.