Our Juniors

What's a Junior?

You'll be pleased to know it has nothing to do with your age!!! It doesn't matter whether you're still at school or a retiree. When you first start playing bowls as a full-time member, you are classified as a "Junior Bowler" for your first 5 years. It doesn't stop you from entering any event but does allow you to compete in "Junior" events, against bowlers with similar experience.

Hobby Juniors

Over the last few years, we've had a great number of new players join the club and now boast 35 - 40  junior members at the club.

Our junior members are very active, dedicated to having fun and making a difference both on and off the green. 

On the green, we've seen a number of initiatives from our juniors, with a good deal of success. These include:

  • Organising and hosting several friendly tournaments, to play against other junior bowlers and get to know members at other clubs.
  • Having two our junior men & women in this season's North Harbour Junior Representative teams.
  • Participating in a large number of junior and open events at Hobsonville Bowling Club.
    • A number of club titles have been claimed by teams containing junior bowlers, resulting in participation at North Harbour Bowls Champion of Champion events. 
  • Competing in Horth Harbour Junior Interclub, ABCA Canoe & Campi Cups, and other club junior tournaments.

Off the green, our juniors have been encouraged to take an active role in the running of the club. This challenge has been accepted, with:

  • A number of juniors assisting with new and existing activities, all working together to improve our club.