Become a referee

Do you want to help out your team, your coach, and your team manager? 

Our aim is to have a Club Based Referee (CBR) attached to every team, so that coaches can get on with coaching and managers with managing. 

But how do you become a CBR?

Hurunui Rangers will pay for you to attend an CBR course to teach you about the Laws of the Game, how to manage players on the field, and what all those arm signals mean.

Club Based Course: A Course covering the Laws of the Game in a shorter abbreviated way (4 hours – one or two sessions). Good for junior referees, coaches and Club Based Referees (CBRs).

Where can refereeing take me?

It is acknowledged that not everybody wants to reach the very top level as a Referee, and you may intend to referee only to help out with your children/grandchildren’s Saturday morning fixtures.  However, if you are thinking about Refereeing seriously, you give your self a better chance of getting to a high level by making the decision at a young age. The World Cup Referees and other FIFA Officials are asked to retire at 45 years of age!!

You can learn more about becoming a referee by contacting us, or by going to Mainland Football's refereeing page.