Adult Trampoline Classes.

This fun, fitness option has just been added to the ICE Trampoline family.

No experience or history of Trampoline is necessary. Our masters group work at their own level with lots of fun support and laughter.

Some are keen on competing in the Trampoline event at the Masters games in Whanganui next year but this is very much a personal choice. May or may not be you!!

Come and give it a go. Cost is just $10 per session.

The sessions available are

Tuesday 10-11am

Friday 11-45 - 12.45 

and Late afternoon Sunday. (Time may vary but generally 4-5 pm)

Please contact Nigel to enquire about the next session.   021974552.

Just remember, 10 minutes on a Trampoline is the same aerobic exercise as 33 mins running.

(which one would you prefer)