What age do you need to be to Race?

You need to be 6 years or older, after that, the sky is your limit, we have driver of all ages with our oldest driver being 67.

We have 4 main junior classes and 4 main senior classes:

  • Cadet Rok (Aged 6-10 years)
  • Vortex Mini Rok (Aged 9-13 years)
  • Briggs LO206 Junior (Aged 10-15 years)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Junior (Aged 12-16 years)
  • 125cc Rotax Max Senior (Aged 15+)
  • Briggs LO206 Club Class (Aged 15+)
  • Open (Aged 15+)

Do I need to own my Kart

Not to start with – we have club karts with packages to get you racing, so it’s very much try before you buy

How much does it cost

This depends on what class you race in and if you own your own kart, we will help you work though this process

How often will I get to race

Our local track is open to club members to practice on every day of the week

We have a race meeting every month and you can race over at Nelson or any of the other 17 tracks around the country

I will need some help

No Problem our club is full of members to help get going and offer ongoing support.

If this sounds like you, give Andrew a call on 027 704 8992 or use the contact form.

Let’s get you joined up and start racing!

Further information about karting can be read here.

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