​​​​​​​Benefits of Membership

  1. Be a member to a Kartsport affiliated track
  2. Be able to compete in club champs and club point series
  3. Be part of a great social atmosphere
  4. Be able to join the committee and have voting rights on key karting and club decisions
  5. Have access to the track on practice days 

If you are looking to become a member of Kartsport Marlborough please click HERE

Or email [email protected] 

Please note: Current membership runs from 1 June 2024 - 31 May 2025.


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Track rules:

  • You should hold a Kartsport NZ practice or race licence (click here if you don't have one)  
  • The track is open for practice every day from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm in winter or 9.00 am to 7.00 pm during summer
  • Always Practice/Test with another person present, this person must be capable of providing assistance in case of an accident, ideally have a mobile phone and drivers licence
  • Please sign the indemnity book before practicing (stored outside the clubrooms)
  • At all times you must wear Kart Sport NZ compliant race apparel when on the track
  • Only Practice/test in your respective class and age group
  • Please be mindful of other track users, please limit to 10 minutes practice if other classes are waiting (only a fool breaks the 10 minute rule!)
  • Please report any damage to the track to the Club president(this is so that we can ensure the track is in a safe state for race days, otherwise the Clerk of the Course can cancel the event)
  • Leave the Pit site/Grid area clean and tidy