Kiwi Swim Club Inc

President:                    Mike Smith

Vice President:           Maddy Scoles
Secretary:                    Tessa Woodhouse
Treasurer:                    Liz Luscombe

Email:                            [email protected]

Have you thought about joining the Kiwi Swim Club Committee?
Our current committee comprises a team of people who generously give their time to ensure the club functions as well as possible. We meet once a month during term time usually just after swim club on a Tuesday night.  Our biggest tasks are organising club activities, club nights, coaches, ribbon nights, Club Champs, the AGM and our Kiwi Challenge Swim Meet later in the year.  If you would like to join our committee please speak to a current Committee Member.

Committee 2024
President: Mike Smith

Vice-President: Maddy Scoles

Secretary: Tessa Woodhouse

Treasurer: Liz Luscombe

Meet Secretary: Gina Wills

Grants Officer: 

Trophies and Medals: Penelope Underwood

Main Pool Coordinator: Mike Smith

Learners Pool Coordinators: Maddy Scoles, Tessa Woodhouse

Ribbon Nights Coordinator: Sally McArley

Membership and Waiting List: Sally McArley

Life Member and Awards Committee: Mary McFarlane, Gary Marks

General Committee: Amy Fong, Ash Flintoff, Rob Waide