The Lower Hutt Primary Schools Sports Association (LHPSSA) runs Primary School sports events for students years 1-8 in Lower Hutt.


Our purpose:

To promote, facilitate and support quality school sport, recreation & physical literacy opportunities, which contribute to the development of Lower Hutt Primary School students lifelong love of sport and being active.

We believe:

  • Quality sport, recreation and physical literacy opportunities are fundamental to the holistic development of young people and their overall health and wellbeing.
  • In meaningful and regular participation; therefore whilst we focus on ‘one off’ inter-school events, we also partner with those who work intra-school and in the community.
  • In the Balance is Better approach, whereby age and stage appropriate opportunities with a focus on quality experience are the delivery focus.

Our role:

Our primary role is in the delivery of inter-school Primary School events and opportunities; however LHPSSA also has a wider leadership role to play both intra-school and in the community.