First Kicks and Fun Football


We try to make up the teams according to friendship rather than skills. This allows the children to have fun and fall in love with the game. There is not a competition ladder for these age groups with the focus being on fun.  If there are players who want to swap, this is fine, but the onus is on you to find someone from the other team to swap with.

Remember that this is just a rough framework, there is no score taken, no ladder, and actually it’s fine if teams merge and reform throughout the rest of the season; we don’t want any one team overpowering everyone else.

Game day

We are at home each week and have optional football festivals .  The festivals are run in Whangarei and are a great experience for our kids. 

Home game days are Saturday mornings with a 9am kick off and finish by 10am.   We have a parent coach led training session for 20 – 30 mins and then a 3-match rotation with mini games of 10 minutes each. 

The pitch lay out will always be the same. Games start on the hooter / whistle and rotations are also done on the hooter / whistle.

Game day management

It would be great if each team has one or two managers on site to help with substitutions and rotations (no limit).  Parents and managers can go on the field on game day if the children need some “directional” help. In those situations, the manager will stop the game quickly and intervene then leave the space (30 seconds in and out).

All grades are required to clear all mini-goals, cones/flat markers and kit bags and take them back to the club shed after their games.

Game rules

  • We play small-sided games to maximise participation
  • 4v4 (5s and 6s) or 5v5 (7s and 8s)
  • No goal keepers
  • No corners.  If the ball goes behind the goal, then the defending team restart from their base line “goal kick”.  The attacking team to retreat to the half-way line.
  • No throw ins.  If the ball goes out, the opposite team kick the ball back in from the side-line.
  • No fouls
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • Restarts from a goal are from the centre circle
  • There is no record kept of results or a competition ladder as these grades are about fun and development rather than competition.


Game day cancellations will be notified on the Club’s Facebook page.

What gear is required

The Club supplies playing bibs, shirts and shorts. Players are required to buy black socks (included in fees).

Children must also have boots (trainers for indoor play), shin pads and a water bottle both for training and on game day.