• Competitive swimmers have a defined and accepted code of conduct when swimming together in a squad. Conforming to this means you are predictable and therefore ultimately helps everyone enjoy their swimming more. So please have a read of the list below and aim to work to these "road rules"...
    • Punctuality - if late, always slot into the same point of the swim set that everyone else is at
    • Spacing - always leave 5 secs behind the swimmer in front of you when starting new reps
    • Proximity - do not tap toes (either pass or stay where you are and just lengthen your stroke)
    • passing - when required, either use the middle to pass (but be courteous) or wait until a rep has finished then ask to go in front
    • Right of Way - anyone who is still swimming has right of way over anyone stopped at the end
    • Stopping - when stopping at the end of the wall, please leave room for others behind you
    • Stopping - never stop on the "T" at the end. Instead, either stop on the left or the right so it leaves the T for others to turn there
    • Turning - always aim to turn at the wall slightly to the right of the "T" (easier for everyone)
    • Getting Out - if getting out early, tell the others behind you at least 1 rep before doing so