The Display phase is designed for teams to perform with 7-14 marchers.  The display phase is a routine of rhythmic movements to enhance the performance and is performed to own choice of music. 

The Display should project the overall degree of excellence of the ‘picture being presented' combined with the ‘look’ of  brilliance and versatility of the Team.  Artistic and gimmicky type movements are permissible provided that, dignity and modesty is maintained. 

A Display should have visual value and spectator appeal and should finish in an exciting, well planned and co-ordinated manner. Movements must correlate to the music and should demonstrate variety, versatility and have visual value. 

Accessories, such as hoops, ribbons, flags, rifles etc may be used, but must enhance the overall presentation.  Teams may add to, change or remove items from their uniform (eg change gloves colour, add capes etc) for Display and must be befitting the sport. 

The Display March is judged by 2 judges from seated positions on the front boundary where they are able to view the display with an overall view of entertainment as seen by the public.