Marian College Sport Advisory Panel

Role:                          To contribute to encouraging, promoting and co-ordinating sport at ​​​​​​​Marian College.

Meetings:                  One per term

Authority:                  Oral report to the board through the trustee on the committee

Key Tasks:

  • Approve and review sports policies as required.
  • Establish new policies as required.
  • Director of Sport to liaise with club administrators for each sport.
  • Assist in organisation of interschool fixtures where Marian is host college eg, Mercy Cup.
  • Oversee uniform aspects for sports, approve changes as needed.
  • Committee chairperson to ensure that correspondence is addressed.


  • Principal
  • Director of Sport
  • College student heads of sport
  • Parents and Friends representative (PTA)
  • Staff members with “sport” part of job description or who oversee significant aspects of sport ​​​​​​​or on a sports committee
  • Board Member
  • Student Board Member