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Marian College welcomes International Students for the upcoming school year. We have an established record for care and concern for our International Students. Homestay placements and tuition needs are carefully monitored. Senior staff have specific responsibility for the supervision of international students.

Marian College is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The code can be found below

Why Marian? Hear from our International Alumni and Students

The Inspiring Story of Hitomi ​​​​​​​Oka  –  Marian College's International Alumni from Osaka, Japan.

Hitomi's story is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance. After receiving the MVP award during her International Rugby Program (IRP) placement at St Bede's College in August 2019, she completed a year and a term of studies at Marian College. Despite not repeating a year, she passed all her NCEA exams and graduated with her peers. This remarkable accomplishment is a reflection of her intellect and work ethic.

Hitomi fully immersed herself in Marian College life, maintaining a balance of academics, athletics, and social events. She credits her study-abroad experience for reminding her of the importance of family, and expresses gratitude to her incredible teachers, host family, friends, and the IRP community.

Her pursuit of nursing studies in Hamilton demonstrates her passion for helping and caring for others. Nursing is a challenging yet rewarding profession that requires a combination of critical thinking, technical skills, and compassion.

Given Hitomi's past successes, we are sure she will continue to make great strides in her future endeavors.


"諦めない" - Hitomi Oka

Why Marian? Hear from our International Alumni and Students

Meet Misaki Tone – An International Exchange Student from Toho High School in Nagoya, Japan.

Misaki Tone is an international exchange student from Toho High School in Nagoya, Japan, who is currently completing her placement at Marian College.

Her passion for film motivated her to enhance her English-speaking skills, which would help her gain a better understanding of the language. During her stay, Misaki took full advantage of the opportunity by immersing herself in the English language. She developed her conversational skills by engaging with her classmates and teachers, participating in school events, and becoming a key member of the senior basketball team.

Exploring new customs and traditions was a highlight of Misaki's experience, and she looks forward to maintaining contact with her fellow students. 

We are excited to witness Misaki's academic accomplishments continue to grow and excel.

なるようになる、ええようになる" - Misaki Tone

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