Marian Foundation

The Marian Foundation was established to provide resources and facilities for the college that would be otherwise unavailable. The foundation also funds a scholarship each year for the newly enrolled student who achieves highest on the placement tests.Donations and bequests to the Marian Foundation will be gratefully received, for the sake of current and future generations of Marian College students. The foundation can be contacted through the school office. If you wish to give a donation to the Marian Foundation contact Sharon Moody,    

Phone: 03 385 8449.

The aims of the Foundation

  • To provide financial assistance for the acquisition and development of land and facilities and the acquisition, construction and maintenance of buildings and facilities used or to be used by the college;
  • To provide financial assistance for the employment of teaching and other staff, the carrying out of research in the field of education, the development of new teaching methods and visits from distinguished scholars and others with qualifications which would enable them to contribute to the education of the students and teaching staff of the college;
  • To provide financial assistance for the acquisition of library books, educational plant and equipment of all types, works of art and other items calculated to improve the cultural and recreational environment of the college;
  • To provide financial assistance for the provision of scholarships, bursaries and educational allowances.

 The Marian Foundation is administered by a board of management. Members include: Warren Glassey (Chair), Carmel Gregan-Ford, Gerald Dwyer, Katherine Eveleigh, Grant Buchanan, Carol Dean, Sarah Ayres and Mary-Lou Davidson.

Congratulations to Seyara De Silva, the winner of the Marian College Foundation scholarship for 2022.