Student - Athlete Uniform Agreement

General Equipment Policy

  • Sport equipment and uniform/s is property of Marist College, and is to be used solely for the purpose of competing in an athletic/sport program.  It is not to be used for any purpose other than team games/practices

  • You and team are responsible for all lost or stolen items

  • Do not alter clothing or protective padding.  If this occurs without the approval of the equipment manager, you will be billed automatically

Practice Clothing/Equipment

These items will be issued on the date and time as instructed by your coach.  You will be required to have passed your physical and cleared by the Athletic Training Room Staff in order to receive equipment. If at any time during the current season you should leave the team, you are responsible for the return of these items by following the Final Return procedures listed below. 

Career Issue Items

Student athletes will receive some career issue as well as seasonal issue items for their sport.  The seasonal items will be returned at the end of the season according to the guidelines below.  The career issue items will be retained by the student athlete until their graduation from college or upon leaving the team (note: not for Year 7 & 8).  Senior student athletes will be permitted to keep career issue items.  Students who leave the team prior to their senior year are required to return all career items as well seasonal items.  

The individual athletes will be responsible for these items throughout their sport at Marist College.  These items may include practice t-shirt and practice shorts.  Some coaches may issue additional items as career issue items as well, but this would be done on a per team basis.  Laundry procedures, we will launder items for pre-season, but not during the non-traditional season. In-season this is the responsibility of the student-athlete and managed by Team Management. 

End of season all uniforms are to be returned washed and clean.

  • Students who lose the items will need to purchase new items from the equipment room.   Additionally, student-athletes who would like to purchase additional items will be able to buy them from us at our team price 

  • For items that are torn or have worn out under normal circumstances, we will replace the item on a trade in basis. If athletes do not have an item to trade in, we will assume it has been lost and the item will need to be purchased at their expense 

  • If an athlete needs to change sizes, we will issue the item on a trade in basis. 

Seasonal Items

•The seasonal items will be returned at the end of the season •These items include uniforms, warm-ups, travel bags, reversible clothing etc.

Game Equipment Return

  • The equipment room staff keeps records of the items issued to you. All items are numbered and recorded.  It is important that you return the same items you were issued.  Even if you loan items to another individual, you are the person responsible for their return.  Failure to return those items assigned to you will result in your being charged for their replacement. 

  • All athletes are responsible for turning in their game clothing as follows: 

Players not returning to Marist should have their team captain or another teammate return their uniform. 

Failure to Return Athletic Equipment and Gear 

Final Return of Equipment and Gear

Career Items:

The career issue items will be retained by the student athlete until their graduation from college.  If you leave a team prior to your senior year, you must return these items to the equipment room within five (5) days of leaving the team.  Senior student athletes will be permitted to keep career issue items. 

All Other Clothing/Equipment:

  • All items issued and signed for on the issue sheet must be returned to the equipment room at the assigned time.  Generally, your return time will be the first or second day after your last game at your normal practice time.  Your coach will confirm the date and time for the final return of equipment. 

  • If you are unable to be present for the final return of equipment, you will have five (5) days to return it to the issue window. After the five days, student accounts will be billed for missing equipment.

  • Individuals quitting the team prior to the end of the season are responsible for returning all items issued within 5 days of the date she quit the team.

  • All items issued must be returned to the equipment room issue area.  This is necessary in order to confirm all items are returned, your sport account has been cleared and to eliminate any unnecessary billings.  If you do not return your equipment as instructed, your account may not be cleared. 

  • Your student account will be charged for all game gear and practice items not returned or damaged beyond normal wear and tear at full cost. There will be an automatic charge of the item and equipment and a $25.00 non-refundable service fee for failure to return equipment.

  • You will not be reissued equipment for the next season or for another sport until all items have been returned and/or student accounts have been cleared.  For track and cross-country athletes, you need to return all equipment at the end of your competition season.  For some this may be at the end of Cross Country while for others it may be at the end of the Spring season