Steps to help Subject Selection

It is really important for you to think carefully and research the subjects before you choose. The following steps should help with this process:

Access your personalised Career Profile

  • Work through the structure of self-discovery
  • Identify career ideas
  • Research each idea, including subjects recommended
  • Select your subjects from Year 10 through to Year 13

Assess your ability in possible subjects:

  • Look at your results, discuss with teachers and your parents and don't forget the value of hard work and persistence?
  • Check entry requirements
  • Think about how interested you are:
  • Do you really enjoy the subject or just like the teacher?
  • Don't just do what your friends are doing!

Requirements for Future career and study:

  • Check these out, be very careful here and don't narrow your options by dropping critical subjects especially Sciences, Maths and Social Sciences. 
  • Complete the Career Futures Interest game to build your Career Interest Profile.
  • Go to the Common Careers and Subjects pages and make sure you are taking the appropriate subjects.

Find out what subjects are like:

  • Talk to teachers
  • Talk to students who take the subject
  • Borrow a students book or folder and check out the content
  • Ask the student what they study and if they enjoy it.

Get help if you are stuck from:

  • Careers
  • Your Dean
  • Teachers
  • Parents

Update your Personal Career Profile:

  • Create your subject plan through to Year 13
  • Review your Subject plan yearly

In summary, option choice is determined by an evaluation of:

Looking inside yourself:

Ability - discuss with subject teachers and don't underestimate the effect of hard work, motivation and a committed effort.
Interest in, passion and enjoyment of the subject

External factors:
Subjects for future career flexibility
Broad educational value, enrichment and skills development
Mount Maunganui College's curriculum requirements
Year 11 compulsory English, Maths and Science (Highly recommended Social Science)
Year 12 English
Timetable lines, and how your choices fit

Invest your time now to make wise choices for a Positive Future

What can I do with my Degree or Subject:
CLICK HERE to find information on possible career paths for some of the more popular subject areas.

Subjects/degrees have been grouped into the five Faculties at Victoria University. The subject areas and career opportunities listed are a guide only and should provide ideas.

The actual number of careers and job opportunities available at any one time would be too numerous to mention.

  • Architecture & Design
  • Commerce
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Market Research
  • Public Policy and Public Management
  • Tourism
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Art History

CLICK HERE to see options with your subject select from the subjects below to discover how best to use your degree.

Those studying for a combined degree might find it useful to look at more than one subject.
What do graduates do? contains information about the job destinations of recent graduates and diplomats.