Mount Maunganui College are proud to be supported by the Perry Outdoor Education Trust, which empowers and enables our students to access to many EOTC opportunities.


Mount Maunganui College has a rich and varied EOTC program that supports the in-class learning of our students. They have the opportunity to experience EOTC events in every year of their schooling, from field trips through to multiday, high challenge outdoor education camps. These are offered to whole year groups in Year 9, 10 and 13, and also as curriculum-based events through all year groups. Students are strongly encouraged to participate and contribute to the best of their abilities, and links to classroom work and skills are highlighted.

In their first term at Mount Maunganui College, the Year Nine students participate in a three-day camp, focused on challenging the thinking and team skills of our new students. Our own staff and senior student leaders facilitate the camps, which further develops positive and meaningful relationships for all involved.

During term four, Year Ten students are given many options for their own outdoor experiences. They can participate in a variety of three-day camps, such as surfing, kayaking, or a farm stay, or on single-day experiences, which mirror the objectives of these camps. This time is used to focus skills, gain new experiences, and set goals for their senior years in NCEA.

Mount Maunganui College believe in the powerful effect of learning in a real environment can impact our students, and we are proud of the time and commitment our staff have in creating and facilitating these experiences.