This website has been created to help parents and students source information easily about sport that is happening at Ngahinapouri School.

(Netball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Cricket ...)

2019 LW Cross Country

2019 Rugby rules and draw NGA highlighted

2019 football draw and rules NGA highlighted

2019 netball draw and rules NGA highlighted

Ngahinapouri School information for LW WINTER CHAMPS

Term 1

Public holidays: Waitangi - Day 6 February.  

School Swimming Sports - Friday 1st March - Link to heats

LW Swimming Sports - Friday 15th March

WFPSA Swimming Sports - ???

School holiday: Saturday 13 April - Sunday 28 April (includes Easter and Easter Tuesday and ANZAC day).  

Term 2

Winter Champs practices: 1.55-2.55 - Fridays

Public holiday: Queen’s Birthday 3 June

Tough Girl and Guy Hamilton: Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June  

Winter Champs - Wednesday 19th June (pp 21st June)

School holiday: Saturday 6 July – Sunday 21 July  

Term 3

School Cross Country - Tuesday 6th August (pp Thurs 8th August) - TBC

LW Cross Country - Friday 23rd August

TA Cross Country - Friday 20th September (pp 23rd Sept)

Rural Schools Hockey - usually somewhere around September 14 - TBC

School holidays: Saturday 28 September – Sunday 13 October 

Term 4

LW Athletics - Friday 15th November (pp: ?) - Year 7/8 on camp

WFPSA athletics - ????

TA Athletics -  Friday 6th Dec (pp 9th Dec)

LW Junior Athletics Day at Ngahinapouri - Friday 29th November