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Together We Learn, We Grow, We Succeed!

Kia Ako, Kia Tupu, Kia Angitu Tātou!

Nga Iwi School has a very rich history.  In 1972, following local iwi collaboration, Nga Iwi School opened with the name “Ngā Iwi o te motu kia kotahi ai”, meaning  'People of the land be one'. Today, our diversity continues to provide rich opportunities for learning and connecting with the community we represent.  Resting in a prime location, close to all community facilities, we have developed strong relationships extending through education to arts, culture and sporting facilities close by.  

Nga Iwi has outstanding facilities which include two bike tracks, a large school hall and modern library space.  Our grounds house orchards, gardens, meditation areas, class planting boxes and four playgrounds. The school is well equipped to provide a variety of educational programmes including ‘bikes in schools’, Mandarin language, kiwisport coaching, Robotics, Gifted and Talented and a Music and Art specialist teacher.  Tu Pakiri is our Maori enhancement hub which provides a programme second to none, supporting the development of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori. Students of all ethnicities are welcome to join the unit which offers 50% Maori curriculum, 50% mainstream curriculum. The beautification of our school grounds is in part an outcome of our E4S (education for sustainability) ongoing programme where students are developing lifelong skills and knowledge in caring for our environment in a sustainable way.

We pride ourselves on our diversity, educational excellence and the development of student’s confidence and connectedness.  Our highly gifted and committed staff continue to learn and grow with our students, remaining at the cutting edge of educational best practice and child development.  Students are provided opportunities and encouragement to grow their strengths and talents in to what could one day be lifelong passions. We focus on the development of the whole student, offering classroom programmes that are engaging, challenging, inclusive and fun.  We have two learning teams, with names that are very special and are connected to our story, that of Hape and Kaiwhare.

Te Kawenga o Kaiwhare (Y1-3) is the name for our youngest team.  The name represents Kaiwhare, our stingray that sits in the Manukau Harbour, and how he carried Hape through his turbulent journey to Aotearoa.  His spirit will carry and support our youngest learners at the beginning of their journey at Nga Iwi School. (Te Kawenga - to carry, support)

Te Aumangea a Hape (Y4-6) is the name for our older team.  The name represents  the resilience, perseverance and strength of Hape, as he travelled from Hawaiiki to Mangere, overcoming obstacles that he faced. For our NIS students this supports our values by not giving up and striving to become better than before.  (Te Aumangea - be strong, brave, persistent, determined, forceful, plucky, resilient, resolute, steadfast, tenacious)

At Nga Iwi, we see strength in contextual learning and our teachers value the identity, language and culture brought into the school by each student.  We pride ourselves on developing genuine, productive relationships between staff, students, whanau and the wider community. Teachers actively seek ways to work with whanau to maximise learning success.  Parents are encouraged to join the school community through assisting on field trips, attending ‘home/school partnership’ meetings, attending hui/fono and sharing their strengths and interest with us, be it through talents, connections or culture.

So “Nau Mai, Haere Mai” and welcome to Nga Iwi School