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Annual Plan

Nga Iwi School Strategic Plan

All schools have a Strategic Plan, which includes the school and community's plans, targets and aspirations for educational achievement.  

The Ministry of Education have implented a change in reporting system which has taken effect as of January 2023: New planning structure includes a Three Year Strategic Plan (major priorities/goals); the Annual Plan (the current year's actions) and Curriculum Targets (Analysis of Variance).

We announce to our community that we have submitted our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, Annual Implementation Plan and Analysis of Variance to the Ministry of Education (MoE) due March 1, with confirmation received.

A full version/hard copy including the School Strategic/Annual plans, targets and achievement results are available in the school office.  Below is the one page overview and a link to our schools 2023 Annual Implementation Plan.

The Strategic Plan remains a living document - we keep learning under review.  Your feedback is welcome.

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