​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Playing Fees for 2023-2024 

Teeball U5,U7,U9    $30

Junior  U11-U15      $50

Senior  U17-U23     $80

Pressie                    $155

Major B Women      $155

P2&P3 Men             $180

Demons Family Rates Policy

​​​​​​​These apply only to junior softball and Tee Ball. Seniors are expected to pay full amounts.

Youth Players playing multiple teams will pay the amount set for the highest grade team they are playing in i.e. Youth player who is playing Premier will pay the Premier Rate and not any of the lower grade rates as well.

Family Discounts

First Child pays Full price, second Child $5 discount, Third (+) Child $10 discount

Please deposit full amount into bank account by Due Date:1 November 2022

Demons Softball Club
ANZ Bank

If you have any questions concerning this or your invoice, please contact your coach or our club president (Brent Heydon 021 468-450) about the following alternative payment options.

Alternative payment options:

•    Automatic payment setup with full amount paid by 30 Dec 2022