Your opportunity to achieve Gold in 2022 is still possible! 
Dragon Boat NZ is excited to launch our first Virtual Challenge.

You will compete it as a time trial and upload your results online – it is about participation, having fun on the water, and bringing everyone together amidst our current climate. 

How it works: Do a time trial anywhere, anytime (using Standard Boats for both 20’s and 10s). 
Track it using a GPS platform (such as Garmin Connect, Strava or Sports Tracker).
Submit your result online (using form to your right) and it will go on our leader board. Screenshot verification of your result will be required at the end of each round, at such time winners in each category will be announced. 

Entry Fee: No cost. Open to New Zealand teams only.

Race Distance & Crew Size: 
Round 1 – 
200m Standard Boat (20s) – 20 paddlers, 1 sweep, drummer optional
200m Small Boat (10s) – 10 padders, 1 sweep, drummer optional.

Round 2 –
2000m Standard Boat (20s) – 20 paddlers, 1 sweep, drummer optional, turns optional
2000m Small Boat (10s) – 10 paddlers, 1 sweep, drummer optional, turns optional

You can choose to either attempt a Straight Line 2km, or a Turns 2km - which must include 3 turns. 

Round 3 – 
500m Standard Boat (20s) – 20 paddlers, 1 sweep, drummer optional
500m Small Boat (10s) – 10 paddlers, 1 sweep, drummer optional           

Junior Open, Junior Mixed, Junior Women
Premier Open, Premier Mixed, Premier Women
Senior A Open, Senior A Mixed, Senior A Women
Senior B Open, Senior B Mixed, Senior B Women
Senior C Open, Senior C Mixed, Senior C Women
BCS Women

Regional Representative Crews: Premier Women, Premier Open, Senior A Women, Senior A Open, Senior B Women, Senior B Open, Senior C Women, Senior C Open

* A minimum of 3 teams is required in each category to be eligible for prize trophies.

Racing & result recording
Use a GPS tracker such as a Garmin Fenix, Forerunner, or Suunto traverse etc. If you don’t have a GPS device, use a mobile phone and install the Strava app (make sure you get a free Strava account,) or Sports Tracker. Rolling and standing starts are all fine. Use the wind to your advantage. Be creative!

Submitting results: 
You must submit each entry separately, and each entry should contain times as per your GPS results. Remember, you'll need to verify your entries by supplying your screenshot at the end of each round. Remember to submit all your attempts, not just the good looking ones!

Submission frequency: 
Your team may submit results for any category as many times as you like, though we will only update if your new result is faster than your old one. We’ll update the results when we can and it can be found on our website and also our social media page.

Submission period: 

Round 1 – 200m:           01 March 2022 – 31 March 2022
Round 2 – 2km:             01 April 2022 – 30 April 2022
Round 3 – 500m:           01 May 2022 – 31 May 2022

Sweeping: L2 sweeps or higher. This event does not count towards L2 sweep qualifying races.

Other notes: Paddling must be in a Standard dragon boat and no other watercraft. Dragon boat heads & tails are not required.

Media: Finally, we would love to see lots of photos posted to your facebook pages, and videos of teams racing, and use them to promote the Virtual Challenge. Upload videos onto your own YouTube account and send us the link. These can also be submitted alongside results as well as some stories. Use #DragonBoatNZgoesvirtual on facebook when posting any photos to your team pages so we can be alerted to them.
Please also send us your Team Logo for promotional use. 

Any questions: Contact Brooke secretary@nzdba.co.nz