Why affiliate?

In any code, the sport will benefit if each level of activity affiliates to a ‘higher’ governing body. This allows each level to deal with the appropriate issues that face it, in the comfort that ‘broader’ issues are dealt with at a level where the body has jurisdiction.

In terms of Dragon Boating, paddlers are responsible for their own fitness and well-being, but they join (are affiliated to) a team which collectively manages coaching, team assets (such as paddles and uniforms), funding and the like. These teams affiliate to an RSO, which manages events, regattas and collective assets at a local regional level. And the RSOs affiliate to a peak National Sports Organisation (NSO) which manages interactions between RSOs, other national sports bodies, and sets the strategy for the sport at a national level. In real terms the NZDBA operates as the NSO for Dragon Boating although Sport New Zealand (formerly SPARC) only recognises Dragon Boating via the NZ Canoe Federation - NZCF (for their ease of administration).

Each level of Dragon Boating will benefit if they ‘buy into’ this hierarchy of representation. Moreover, they will receive recognition and support if they can show that they have sound governance over their activities.

Importantly, they will be supported with funding in proportion to the number of people active in the sport. In particular, Sport NZ will recognise the body that can justly claim to recognise the greater number of participants and athletes.