​​​​​​​Who Are We?
Ohoka Rugby Club (ORC) is a rugby club that forms part of the Mandeville Sports Club.   The Mandeville Sports Club (MSC) is a large public park in Mandeville, North Canterbury that includes Archers, Bowling, Squash and Cricket to name a few.​

Ohoka Rugby Club is one of the fast-growing rugby clubs in Canterbury.   Situated in the ever-expanding Waimakariri District, Mandeville Park is the clubs’ home of rugby since 1983.    

One of Ohoka Rugby Clubs strategic priorities is to establish strong community links.   We achieve this through: 

  • Representation by 14 Junior and 2 Senior Teams,  
  • Running a Touch Summer Season,  
  • Staging a Craft Fair that enhances community engagement and club sustainability 
  • Providing a GYM Facility complete with Boot Camps for players and the wider community 
  • Delivering preseason Rugby Workshops in all schools within our catchment zone 
  • Hosting national NPC and FPC games  

Ohoka Rugby Club activities and involvement positively impacts circa 500 canterbury families, significantly contributing to overall community wellbeing, all through Rugby. 

Establish in 1927 ORC is an old established club impacted by a new vibrant community and is a unique mix of urban and rural families.   This quality underpins a strong community but rugby focused culture within the Club.   ​ORC is fully committed to the Sport of Rugby and the positive impact rugby has within our community, the players, coaches, and managers.    This approach is detailed in our Strategic plan that details our vision and mission delivering rugby services within North Canterbury.

Our Vision - Grow and enhance Rugby by celebrating diversification and embracing change​

Our Mission - Enabling players to be their individual best through high performance teams and club culture

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Where Are We?
We are located at the Mandeville Club Rooms.   431 Mandeville Road, Swannanoa 7692 (Click Here)