About - The Ohoka Rugby Club seeks to appoint the best available coaches and managers to oversee each of its teams. At the end of each season, the Ohoka Rugby Club will declare all coaching and management positions vacant and invite existing and prospective coaches to apply for a coaching position for the following season.

Unless otherwise stated Coaching and Managing roles are appointed for a single season year.   All positions are contestable however the club understands that within the Junior Teams contestability is not always possible.

Application and Appointment Process - Coaching positions will be advertised on the Club’s website and Facebook Page and distributed broadly via email to the Club’s player/parent/coach contact list at the end of each season.

The Junior and Senior Committee have the discretion to seek candidates by whatever other means they see fit including wider advertising in local papers, following up personal recommendations, etc.    All coaches must apply or reapply for a coaching position by following the application process and by submitting the relevant application emails to the relevant committee.

Application and Appointment Process - The Coaching Representative role is open to members of the Ohoka Rugby Club.   The Coaches and Managers must attend Small Blacks training and any other training the North Canterbury Ruby Union deem appropriate. 

All Coaches and Managers interacting with Ohoka Rugby Club players must be registered on Sporty as a Coach, Manager or Volunteer.

Senior Coach Appointments - Senior Coaches (Division 1 and Division 2) will be made by an Appointments Committee consisting of:

  • Club President;
  • Club Vice President;
  • Team Player (With no conflicts of interest) and
  • An Independent (for instance a representative from CRFU).