OMUAFC Club Plan

Our Vision

Providing positive experiences for all and a pathway for our younger generation to grow within the sport.  Good sportsmanship, a positive club culture and competitive team play is the heart of our club.

In achieving our Vision, the club will be:

  • A place for all; Performance, Community, Youth and Social.

  • A club with great spirit that everyone wants to be a part of

Our Purpose

Onehunga Mangere United Football Club serves the local football community for Junior players starting at age 4 through to senior players.  We provide a service for our community to participate and compete in the Auckland Football Federation.

Our Values

  • We respect our members, all facilities and the community.

  • We Give back to the game through inspiring our people to be involved in:

    • Coaching

    • Refereeing

    • Coordination of the game.

  • We encourage each other to strive for their best and providing an environment for this to happen.

  • We are innovative, offering the best services possible using all of our resources.

To achieve our Values, our Club Members have clear expectations regarding roles and responsibilities as; Players, Parents, Coaches, Team managers and Committee Members.

What Does Success Look Like?

Over the next 5 years (beginning 2021), we will have achieved:

  • Our NRFL Men’s team will be competing in Division One or higher

  • We will have a women’s team consistently competing at Conference level

  • We will have under 15th, 17th and 19th grade teams for both boys and girls.

  • Our Junior teams will be enjoying a fun supportive environment, learning the skills of the game.

  • We will ensure that those who want to play have a team to play in and enjoy the game.

  • We are active in the local Community and in a sound financial position.

How will we achieve success?

We maintain detailed operational plans with specific programms for:

  • Junior Members
  • Youth Members
  • Men's NRFL First Team
  • Women's First Team
  • Senior Community Players
  • Club Governance

For more information on our operational plans please contact [email protected]