Welcome to our Alumni Section

Our alumni section is dedicated to Paraparaumu College ex students and staff who have enriched the history of our college since we opened in 1977.

Paraparaumu College’s alumni group is in its infancy, having just been established in 2024.  We are aiming to create an informal but enthusiastic group that provides an ongoing connection for past students and staff of the College.  

As students leave the College we will be encouraging them to join the alumni group.  If you would like to stay connected to the college, please fill in your contact details below.  

We will provide you with an update on what’s happening at the College once or twice a year. If you would like to see more regular updates of what’s happening at the College please follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or check out the news section of the website. 

We always appreciate the support of our community to help provide the best possible learning experiences for our students. We run a student support fund that can be donated to. Money donated to this account can be used to support students with uniforms, school trips, sports equipment, specialised equipment and resources and scholarships.  If you would like to make a donation now, please contact our accounts department.  


Celebrating Success

In 2014, Paraparaumu College's Board suggested introducing a 'Hall of Fame' to acknowledge students' post-college success. The Hall of Fame concept was developed the following year by student leaders Katrina Thompson of Year 13, and Madeleine Adams of Year 12, along with a group of Paraparaumu College students. The project aims to honour and celebrate former students who have used Paraparaumu College as a springboard for success on the national and international stage by capturing and celebrating their stories.  The hope is to inspire current and future Paraparaumu College students to follow in their footsteps.

Hall of Fame Inductees 

2022   Andrew Scott Knewstubb (Stubby) (Attended 2009 - 2013)  - Rugby 7s

2021   Glenn Woodman  (Attended 1984 - 1987) -  Motorcycling / Moto X 

2020   Warwick Lahmert (Attended 2000 – 2003) – Rugby

2019   Akina Maria Edmunds (Attended 2003 – 2005) – Performing Arts 

2018   Michelle Beale (Seymour) (Attended 1979 – 1982) – Athletics

2017   Lieutenant Brock West (Attended 2002 – 2005) – Navy

2016   Harrison James Wynn (Attended 2004 – 2006) – Dance 

2015   Stephen Kearney (Attended 1985 – 1989) – Rugby League 

2022 - Andrew Scott Knewstubb (Rugby 7's)

2021 - Glenn Woodman (Motorcycle Mechanic)

2020 - Warwick Lahmert (Rugby 7's)

2019 - Akina Maria Edmonds (Musical Theatre)

2018 - Michelle Beale (Athletics)

2017 - Brock West (Royal New Zealand Navy)

2016 - Harrison James Wynn (Dance, Ballet)

2015 - Stephen Kearney (Rugby League)