Auckland's Heritage Fleet, the L Class Mullet Boats will race for the coveted LIPTON CUP TROPHY



Notice of Race

Organising Authority: Ponsonby Cruising Club Inc.

Date: Saturday, 16 March, 2024


  • The Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • The 22ft “L” class Mullet Boat Safety Rules shall apply.
  • This Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions shall be read in conjunction with the PCC Sailing instructions as displayed on the website. If there is conflict these instructions and any notices to competitors shall take precedence over the General Sailing Instruction.

Eligibility & Entry:

  • The Race is open to all L Class Mullet Boats. Class Rules will apply.
  • Boats shall be crewed by 5 crew members if carrying no spinnaker. The maximum crew number shall be 6.
  • Boats competing for the Lipton Cup challenge shall be nominated by a club affiliated to YNZ and / or AYBA.
  • Mullet Boats not racing for the Lipton Cup, including H & S Class, may be given a separate start at the discretion of the Race Committee.
  • Individual sponsorship of L Class Mullet Boats shall not be permitted.
  • Entry fee is $60.00 and shall be received by the Ponsonby Cruising Club by 1800 hrs on Friday 15 March, 2024.
  • Skippers must indicate on the entry form whether racing with or without spinnaker.

Briefing: A Briefing will be held at PCC on 16 March at 0900hrs. All skippers or a representative are required to attend.

Race Schedule: One race is scheduled. The Scheduled start time for the LIPTON CUP is 1100 hrs.

Sailing Instructions: Special Sailing Instructions will be posted on the LIPTON CUP page of the PCC website prior to the event and will be available at the Club house.

Racing Area and Courses:

  • The racing area is the Waitemata Harbour and printed courses and copies of the Special Sailing Instructions will be available at the Briefing.
  • The Race will be started “on the wind” and the course length will be between 16 and 20 nautical miles approximately.
  • PCC laid marks and Harbour Racing Marks will be as indicated on the Course sheet.

Safety Requirements:

  • The Mullet Boat Safety Requirements for Daytime Harbour Races as published on the PCC website shall apply.
  • There will be spot checks of the fleet before racing to ensure compliance with the Safety Rules.

Boat Checks: On completion of the race the first boat to finish shall report immediately to the PCC for the inspection and weighing of the ballast.

Scoring: Handicaps will be set at the discretion of the Handicapper based on PCC Club results.

Prize Giving and Prizes:

The LIPTON CUP Official Prize Giving will be held on completion of racing.

Prizes awarded are:

First on Line and winner:The LIPTON CUP

Second on LineOVERSEAS CUP.

Handicap WinnerNEPIA CUP

Non-Spinnaker - First on LineWATSON WHISKEY CUP.

Additional prizes may be awarded.

The LIPTON CUP Trophy will be held at the Ponsonby Cruising Club for the Club that nominated the successful boat from the date on which the CUP was presented in the PCC club house.

Ponsonby Cruising Club Inc.

Dated: 26 February, 2024


All sailors shall observe the Racing Rules of Sailing, Part 1:

FUNDAMENTAL RULES 1. Safety 1.1. Helping those in danger.  Redress may be granted on application: RRS 62.1 (b).

 Re Life Jacket and Buoyancy Aids:

Approved & certified PFDs shall be carried for each crew member at all times in accordance with the Safety Regulations of Sailing 2017-2020, Appendix SR 4.

  • A PFD shall be worn at all times by a crew member if the skipper so directs.
  • Life Jackets or Buoyancy aids shall be worn by all crew members while Code flag “Y” is flown from the Tower, the Committee Boat or a patrol boat.


The following are to be carried at all times:

  • An approved PFD for each crew member (6) as above.
  • A Bilge Pump in accordance with the Safety Regs Part II, 13.13 & 13.14 (b)
  • At least 2 buckets complete with lanyards.
  • A Horseshoe lifebuoy with drogue as stated in the Safety Regs. Part II 17.13. It must be Orange or Yellow with reflective tape, display the name & have a whistle attached.
  • An anchor weighing not less than 10kg with a metal chain of minimum size and length of 8mm and 6.706m (22ft) plus 40m of warp of minimum size 10mm.
  • A First Aid Kit – waterproof. Refer SR APPENDIX 1: Minimum Inshore Kit
  • Knife.


In addition to the items required to be carried for Daytime Harbour Races the following items shall be carried at all times during cruising and night races in the harbour:  A. One Fire extinguisher that is tested & tagged.

  • Minimum of eight litres of water.
  • Navigation Lights – as required by the Collision Prevention Rules & in accordance with the Safety Regs. Part II, 19.07.
  • Compass
  • Torches – two.
  • Chart No 532 or equivalent for course destination.
  • Horseshoe lifebuoy as above with a self-igniting light.
  • Foghorn sound signal.
  • A VHF Radio shall be carried. A mobile phone, in a waterproof case, may be carried.
  • For Cruising races beyond the Harbour Limits i.e. East of a line between North Head and Bean Rock:
    • Dinghy capable of supporting all the crew will be towed if specified in the Notice of Race.
    • Flares: 2 Red Hand held, 2 orange smoke flares – will be carried.
    • Grab Bag will be carried.  (Equipment in the grab bag may be counted as part of the general equipment under Safety Regulations Part II)

It should include: Flares, Waterproof hand held VHF, Sharp Knife in a sheath, Cell phone in a waterproof bag, First Aid kit, Whistle, Torch, Sunscreen, Thermal protective aids, water & spare batteries.

 For the Safety Regulations of Sailing 2021–2024 refer: