General Statement

Picton School aims to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and security of all children by practising open and accountable child-centred decision-making. We recognise the importance of involving family/whānau in decision-making about their children and will involve children in decision-making about themselves in age-appropriate ways. We acknowledge that child protection is everyone’s responsibility and we promote our child protection policies to our school community.

Sharing information

We share information with appropriate agencies if sharing that information will protect or improve the safety, health, or wellbeing of a child. In all circumstances, Picton School is carefully guided by privacy considerations in the sharing of information. By law, we can share information with the police and Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children.

Student safety

We take concerns about the safety of students seriously and respond to them quickly.

Prevention and early intervention are important, and we use the least intrusive intervention possible to protect vulnerable children.

Child protection policy requirements

Schools are subject to the Children's Act 2014 and must have child protection policies which are readily available. As required by the Act, child protection practices are incorporated into our policies and procedures. Picton School has a designated person responsible for child protection policies. Our designated person is the principal and is the primary point of contact for concerns about a child, including concerns about abuse or neglect. Our child protection policies apply to school staff, contractors, and volunteers.

For further details please visit our SchoolDocs website by clicking here. The username you will need to enter is picton and the password is waitohi. Enter “Child Protection” in the search box.