Plimmerton Community Tennis 

Senior Interclub Competition

Who can play? To play you need to be a member of Plimmerton Community Tennis club, and there’s a $50 fee to cover our entry into the competition and also new balls for each week. That fee covers pre and post -Xmas.

When does it start and end?

We’ll be looking to put our interclub team(s) together by the end of September.

If you’re interested then let me know via [email protected] or

027-240-8199 by 15th Sept contact Martyn Newman-Hall 

It would be great if we had enough people to make 2 teams this year.

What is the format of Interclub?

- Teams of 4 : 2 men and 2 women

- You play 3 matches each – 1 single sex doubles and 2 mixed doubles

- 1 set to 9 with a tie break at 8 all

- Games are always on a Saturday starting at 1:00

- Play typically lasts about 3 hours

- You need to meet at Plimmerton club house at about 12:30 for a home game and 12:00 for an away one

- Last year we played against teams from Wellington and as far north as Otaki – not the Hutt

- We try to have 6 to 8 in a team as not everyone can play each week and injuries can happen so with 7 matches you’ll get to play about 4-5

- A season runs pre Xmas commencing October and post -xmas starting the last week in January with the same format.