Poolburn School.  Expanding Horizons.  Not to be limited to what is near but to be able to see beyond. Respect, Integrity, Thinking, Excellence and Self Management. Our RITES.

Hello and welcome to Poolburn School in 2016. We are located in the spectacular Ida Valley in Central Otago. We have children from Year 1 to 8 who come by bus to school from all over the valley and some from even outside the valley.
In 2016 we will have 34 children at our school.  Please have a look through our website.  We hope you will enjoy this.

We have lots of exciting things starting at Poolburn this term. One is our silicone wrist bands that promote, encourage and reward the use of our RITES.

Another exciting new initiative is our aiming for the stars sticker system for use in the children’s books. Ask your children about both of these new initiatives, they are very popular with the children already!

This is a good beginning for the school in our journey to becoming a school of excellence! You already will have noticed, with the books your child is bringing home, and from talking to them about their day, that there has been a re-structure in the classroom programmes. This will take a week or two to get up and running smoothly, but will benefit your children in the not so distant future.