Our Learning is driven by our vision which is to 'Expand the Horizons' of our learners at Poolburn School. We consider the fact that we are small and isolated an asset and thus 'we are not limited to what is near and not afraid to look beyond'.

Our Curriculum has three components.  Our Values or RITES guide us in learning and life and  are as much a part of the fabric of the school as the soil we walk on everyday. Our Rites are:
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Thinking
  • Excellence &
  • Self Regulation

Our Core Curriculum is how we view the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics and is supported by our Keys 2 Learning (K2L) Programme.

Our Conceptual Curriculum is based on 8 Concepts designed in consultation with the local community and form the basis in our learning in Technology, Science, Health, Social Science, The Arts and Languages.

We also teach separate programmes in PE and Sport and allow for the provision of Music tuition and Te Reo and Tikanga.

We believe that our approach to Curriculum provision allows for a flexible, holistic  and realistic programme of learning for the children of Poolburn School.