Panthers Southland Representative Players, Coaches, Manages, and Other Support Staff 2013-14

Southland Men
Josh Kahukura

U19 Boys
Matt Enright, Isaac Kahukura, Josh Kahukura, Daniel Keen, Monty Mclean and Will Meehan

U19 Boys 
James Bell, Tyler Cameron, Caleb Fetolofai, Isaac Kahukura, Daniel Keen, Wade McSoriley and Cole Wilson
U17 Boys Development Squad for Mainland Shield
James Bell, Caleb Fetolofai, Jayden Johnston, Daniel Keen and Wade McSoriley

U15 Boys
Caleb Felolofai, Braeden Heslip, Jayden Johnston, Samuel Maher, Toby Milne, Harry Sapwell, Norman Tudor, Darren Tweedie and Mitchell Tweedie

U15 Girls
Katherine Cade, Hannah Johnston, Roslyn Wilton, and Aailyah Te Whata. Non-travelling reserves Alice Cade and Isobel Thompson



Daryl Greig - Assistant Coach

U17 Boys
Tom McSoriley - Assistant Coach

U15 Boys
Jason Milne - Head Coach
Ron Fetolofai - Assistant Coach


U17 Boys​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Rachel Cade - Manager
Lee S Greig - Assistant Manager (Mainland Shield)

U15 Boys
Marene Tweedie

Other Support Staff

U17 Boys

Michael Ward - Physiotherapist
Cheryl Dahms - Scorer