U11 Rookie League Rules

The main aim is for the kids to have fun with the rules set below I think we will achieve this. 

  1. Each game will play for 1hour 15 minutes, if at 1hour 15 minutes you are in the bottom of the inning and the team batting is winning then its game over. If you are in the bottom of the inning and the team batting is losing then the inning is completed. If you are in the top of the inning then complete the inning. 
  2. Coaches to pitch against own team, this gives consistency of pitch and speeds up the game. 
  3. Only 9 players are to field per inning, players can be substituted inning by inning and re-entered. 
  4. All players in the line-up hit, the batting order is to remain the same for the entire game 
  5. Side away after 3 outs, encouraging the kids to take the out. 
  6. A team can only score a maximum of 5 runs per inning, once 5 runs are scored it is side away. 
  7. 3 strikes swinging is out, no strike outs on location pitches. 
  8. No walks 
  9. No Stealing 
  10. Catcher padded up ready to go at the duration of their team’s bat. 
  11. Hussle on and off the diamond!!! 

We will have no problem with completing a 6 inning game in 1 hour 15 mins…..