Dark Skies Petition

RASNZ would very much appreciate it if you could add your weight to support a ‘Petition’ to the New Zealand Parliament by RASNZ Councillor Professor John Hearnshaw to introduce national legislation to reduce light pollution.

We estimate that it will take you around 2 minutes in total.

The petition can be viewed and signed at:


The details on the parliament website are fully re-produced below:

Petition request

That the House of Representatives introduce legislation to limit light pollution, following similar laws in France and Croatia, covering public and private exterior illumination and ensuring light is only used where and when it is essential.

Petition reason

Light pollution from artificial light at night (ALAN) can harm human health by disrupting circadian rhythm and the production of hormones such as melatonin. ALAN has an adverse impact on many species of fauna and flora, some being driven to extinction by 24/7 illumination. Excess ALAN wastes electricity, so has an adverse economic impact. Reducing ALAN can promote dark skies and astrotourism, especially at Matariki. Less light can sometimes make our streets safer, especially by reducing glare.

Are you able to support this petition? And promote it through your networks?

The more people that do so will strengthen the message to Parliament. So, every signature counts.

We hope you can help us make a difference and protect the priceless, culturally, historically, astronomically and scientifically important natural night sky of New Zealand for us and for future generations.