Learning and curriculum

The curriculum framework provides a wide range of personalised and collaborative learning experiences ensuring coverage of all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC, 2007).

It’s aligned to the school’s vision and our aim to empower, develop and provide opportunities to transform learners with the various communities that they exist within. Our learning is innovative, learner centered, skills relevant and flexible to the needs of all learners. Growth and graduate kete tracks and inspires progress throughout your Rolleston College journey.

The learning vehicles 

Three primary learning vehicles are designed to deliver the New Zealand curriculum at both the junior and senior level. Ako, Connected and Selected provide the framework to nurture the learner during their junior years as well as to successfully transition them into the senior school and beyond.

They have the combined aim of providing pathways to enable learners to develop the competencies they need for lifelong learning, success, self-confidence and joy.

They are designed to ensure that they provide the opportunity to develop not only content, but also the critical skills necessary to appropriately use that knowledge independently.

The school day will be divided into three basic learning periods that will provide learners with opportunities to have a number of learning experiences appropriate to their needs.

Our academic skills handbook.

English language learners

Rolleston College’s English language teaching staff assist students of non-English speaking backgrounds, assisting with the English language, vocabulary development and an understanding of grammatical rules. The classes are taught in small groups to help with overall academic success. For the remaining subjects, they join mainstream classes.