Climate change, overfishing, pollution and a range of other human factors are impacting negatively on global marine ecosystems. Our oceans are at a tipping point and the time to act is now. 

Your mission is to work with your community as citizen scientists to monitor changes that are taking place in your local marine environment, and use this knowledge to create a NZL Blue Belt site that helps restore mana to Moana at your place.


Aotearoa New Zealand has a massive coastline and is responsible for one of the largest areas of ocean in the world. We are coastal people with a deep affinity with the sea and the life that is in it.

Our water sports people have a special connection to the ocean and teams like the NZL Sail GP team are leading the charge in promoting and encouraging ocean restoration. 

Listen carefully to Peter Burling and Erica Dawson as they set the scene for you to embark on helping to build New Zealand's Blue Belt.


“The ocean is the life support system of the planet… but it’s at a tipping point and as New Zealanders, we need to step up and act” says Peter Burling New Zealand SailGP team driver and co-founder of the Live Ocean Foundation 

As part of Moanamana ākonga research the impact of pollution, climate change and overfishing on marine ecosystems and take a lead role as citizen scientists, helping to establish NZL Blue Belt sites in their local community. In time, the network of NZL Blue Belt sites will become the marine environment equivalent of Predator Free New Zealand, helping to restore the mana of Moana by providing stepping stones to marine reserves around our coastline.


The overall

Find out about the big picture of what is planned over the next few years

The NZL Blue Belt monitoring tools

Find out about the tools and processes for monitoring change and impact in the local marine environment

The prototype NZL Blue Belt site

Find out about the prototype NZL Blue Belt at Worser Bay on Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington Harbour

The 2nd NZL Blue Belt site

Find out about the 2nd NZL Blue Belt site at Naval Point on Whakaraupo Lyttleton 

Expanding to more sites

Find out about what is planned to establish more NZL Blue Belt sites around our waterways and coastline

Collaborating for impact

Find out about the various organisations who are involved in the Moanamana project