Many of the sailing and boating clubs around Aotearoa New Zealand are able to deliver a day long sailing experience to classes of up to 30 students. The sailing experiences complement and build on the learning that is happening in the classroom in both Kōkōkaha and Kōrinorino.

As shown in the video, the RŪNĀ sailing experience typically has two parts although there is flexibility to discuss with your sailing or boating club as to how you want the day to flow. Most clubs will split each group of up to 30 students into two groups.

For Kōkōkaha the first group goes sailing to experience the power of the wind while the second group undertake a set of hands-on challenges to introduce them to some of the technologies used in sailing.  For Kōrinorino the first group goes sailing to feel like Kupe or Cook while the second group get acquainted with Kāpehu Whetū, the Māori Star Compass, and use it to find items of local history. The groups swap for the second half of the day. The hands-on challenges are lead by the classroom teacher while the sailing experience is facilitated by RŪNĀ kaiako.

The images below link to the activities are used during the sailing experience day. The first file includes the technology challenges used with Kōkōkaha and the second is the presentation used to explain Kāpehu Whetū the Māori Star Compass as part of the Kōrinorino activity. Your club will also provide copies of these when they arrange the sailing experience with you, and will take you through how the hands on challenges are to be delivered. They will also provide you with a Risk Management Plan and permission slips for your parents and guardians. 


The classroom experiences are free of charge but there is likely to be a cost for the sailing experience. When you register we will connect you to one of the clubs around Aotearoa New Zealand and set the wheels in motion to get you out on the water.