Selwyn Athletic Club is proud of all of it's members for their sportsmanship and  personal achievements, whether it be a personal best or a competition title.

Club Awards 23/24

Club Champions

  • Junior; Matilda Wrenn, Kayson Lodoviko
  • Intermediate; Keira Potter, Cashall, Ranubu
  • Senior; Zoe Whinham and Nia Prescott, Christian Cooper
  • Youth; Jody McCarthy Dempsey, Judah Lodoviko and Conner Woodcock
  • Sportsmanship; Bella Chapman, Keira O'Reilly, Eli Craig, Jacob DeSilva
  • Club Night Excellence: Aramainana Hakiwai, Ben Calvert
  • Most Improved; Lizzie Edwards, Yamato Stewart
  • Junior Interclub; Ashley Cooper, Elodie Wightman, Christian Cooper
  • Senior Interclub;  Jody McCarthy Dempsey, Cooper Wightman
  • Cross Country Most Improved; Ethan Richardson
  • Cross Country Excellence, Daniel Prescott
  • Walker of the Year: Alysa Brown
  • Junior Excellence; Christian Cooper
  • Senior Excellence, Daniel Prescott and Cooper Wightman

Club records are listed in the document on this page.

Canterbury Childrens Best Performance Holders
Jody McCarthy Dempsey
Grade 7 Girls, Discus, Grade 11 Girls, High Jump

Judah Lodoviko

 Grade 10 Boys Long Jump

Maia Broughton
Grade 13 Girls, 100m , 200m 
Grade 14 Girls, 100m , 200m 

Lily Sewell

Grade 12 1200m Walk

Athletics Canterbury Record Holders

Maia Broughton

U16 Women 200m 

Athletics Canterbury Sprinter of the Year 2017, 2019

Cooper Wightman

U16 800m, 1500m 

Daniel Prescott

U18 1500m

Rachel Simons
Canterbury Masters, W35, 60m, 

South Island Masters, W40, 60m,

South Island Masters, W40, Pentathlon, 

New Zealand Record Holders

Montana Brown

Under 20 T34 100m, 200m, 400m ,800m and 1500m  

Cooper Wightman                     

U18 800m