Selwyn Baseball Club Incorporated

Baseball New Zealand Club Affiliation

The Selwyn Baseball Club is affiliated to Baseball New Zealand and the Canterbury Baseball Assocation.  The Selwyn Baseball Club subscription rates include the Baseball New Zealand Registration fees and also covers the entry into the Canterbury Baseball Association 2019/2020 competition. 

Affiliation to Baseball NZ provides many benefits to club members both direct and indirect.  Fees are used fot the administration, development and the future good of the game of baseball.

Direct benefits of affiliation for our club (and our individual members) include:

  • Clubs can enter natinal and regional competitions;
  • Clubs will have tournaments listed on the annual events calendar - promoted regionally and nationally;
  • Clubs can access resources via the Baseball NZ website;
  • Clubs can participate in marketing and development programmes managed by Baseball NZ;
  • Individuals are eligible for national coaching programmes;
  • Individuals can access coach, umpire and scorers training courses;
  • Individuals are eligible for talent development porgrammes run by Baseball NZ;
  • Clubs and individuals are eligible for national awards and prizes;
  • Clubs have access to reduced insurance premiums/website costs;
  • Clubs that are affiliated can vote at Baseball NZ General Meetings.

Indirect benefits include:

  • Baseball NZ supports the KiwiSport programmes in schools;
  • Baseball NZ's partnership with College Sport in Auckland and NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council;
  • Baseball NZ has dedicated Development Officers to support club initiatives;
  • Baseball NZ undertakes promotion of the game of baseball;
  • Baseball NZ selects teams to participate in international competition.