St Martins Touch Module

Risk Hazard Register

Risk Description

Potential Impact


Sharp or dangerous objects on fields (eg. Needles, knives, dog poo)

Injury, illness

  • All fields are checked each week prior to games starting.
  • All dangerous objects and rubbish disposed of appropriately.
  • All children to play with closed toe shoes on.

Weather is cold, wet, or high winds are forecast.

Slippery surfaces causing injury, hypothermia, falling branches

  • Weather checked each morning of games. If they are needing to be cancelled, teams will be notified via email.
  • If the wind strength may create windfall hazard (typically gale >65km/hr) then it is recommended that tree areas around the perimeter of the park are avoided.
  • Council to close fields if they are too wet.


Aggressive dog behaviour towards children or other dogs, dogs running across fields, people feeling unsafe.

  • All dogs to be kept on leashes while games are being played.

Abusive or disorderly behaviour towards organisers, referees or spectators, players.

Creates unenjoyable sports experience for those involved, potential emotional impact, physical harm.

  • Signs put up each week reminding spectators of the volunteer nature of the event and expectations around positive behaviour towards players, referees and organisers.
  • Referees to write an incident report for any disorderly or abusive behaviour from spectators.
  • If a team has three incidents reports written about abusive behaviour, then a message will be sent to the team’s coach or manager to be informed of incidents and reminded of positive behaviour expectations.
  • If there is any behaviour from spectators, or the public that is deemed dangerous or threatening, the police will be called.

Unsupervised children

Compromised physical and/or emotional safety of children, inappropriate behaviour by unsupervised children.

  • All children are under the care and responsibility of their supervising adults whether playing or not playing (this includes players, siblings, and children not refereeing).
  • All teams must have at least one adult (18 years or older) overseeing their team each week.
  • On duty junior referees are only under the care of organisers between 3:40pm to 5:20pm.
  • On duty senior referees are only under the care of organisers from 5pm until the last game finishes.