Starting in 2012 at Hansen Park, the competition was established by the then St Martins School Fundraising Committee and driven by current Year 3-4 teacher Catherine Dalley along with a former teacher and parent.

The aim was to bring local schools together after the earthquakes, building a sense of community and providing a local sporting competition for students in the area. The first year at Hansen Park had 23 teams from Yrs 0-2 through to Yrs 7-8. The second year saw 34 teams at Waltham Park, with 2022 having 48 teams.  Pre-covid, the competition reached 64 teams.

In 2014 Catherine introduced Y7-8 student referees and past pupil referees to referee the Yr 7-8 grade. This has been a great success, giving older St Martins School students leadership roles and a chance to learn refereeing skills.

Following Catherine and team, Sandy and Dale Jones took over the organising for eight years, guiding us through covid times with a smaller competition, putting many hours into the successful running of the competition.

We are immensely grateful for the years of commitment by all those involved in this community event and to the local schools for their support.