SMTBC 2024  Strava Cup

The Southland Mountainbike club is running a Strava cup series over the winter. Each segment will be for a month.

Rounds will alternate between Bluff and Sandy point with a mixture of xc, climbing and enduro combinations (some old and some very new tracks). There is an E-Bike segment too just remember to save ride as E-Bike ride.The overall male and female winner from your best 5 of the 6 rounds will be announced at the Winter series final in October. 

Due to work at Bluff Mays segment will be at Sandy Point again

Start at Gravel pit then into Mitch till the end, then across access rd into Svend, then across access rd into JoJo Finishes at access rd at the end of JoJo.

Segment called "SMTBC Strava Cup 2024 #2"

If you don't have Strava Sign up Here then ​​​​​​​Click Here to join our Strava club then go out and ride.

Winners for the first segment 

Male: 1st Joshua Haggerty, 2nd Ben Frantz, 3rd Matt Zenovich.

Female: 1st Kathryn McLachlan, 2nd Paula Owen, 3rd Rachel Duncan

E-Bike: 1st Richelle Holland, 2nd Megan Lindsay.

Full ​​​​​​​Results April Segment #1 

Series Points Here