Q. How can we get our news to appear on SportyNews?

SportyNews is restricted to news content from New Zealand sports organisations and schools. If you represent a sports organisation, club or school, then simply login to Sporty.co.nz and add a news article to your news feed there. Login instructions are here. Note that the article must be published publicly for it to appear on SportyNews. See detailed instructions here.

Q. If one of our news items or photos is published on SportyNews, can we change it or remove it later?

Yes. Simply change or remove the item on your Sporty site and this will cause SportyNews to update accordingly.

Q. If we see something objectionable appear on SportyNews from another organisation, can we get it removed?

Yes. There are three dots at the top right of each item on SportyNews.co.nz. Click or tap these to report an item and one of our administrators will review whether it breaches the Terms of Use.

Q. Can I contribute news or photos unrelated to New Zealand sports or schools?

No. The SportyNews platform is exclusively to promote New Zealand sports and schools.

Q. We would prefer our content not to be promoted by on SportyNews. Can it be excluded?

Yes. Simply email [email protected] and request for content relating to your organisation to be embargoed indefinitely. 

Q. I have a great idea for SportyNews. Who can I suggest it to?

Please email [email protected] and do include your contact details.

Q. What is HighlightCam?

HighlightCam is a free mobile app that lets your phone record a continuous 15 second loop of whatever it's watching. So when a highlight happens you can simply hit Save to capture a 15 second video of whatever just happened. It's as if you knew whan a highlight was about to occur. Then save your highlight video to your camera roll or share it. You can attribute a highlight video to any NZ sports organisation or school to have it included on SportyNews after it has been vetted for content. Visit www.highlightcam.co.nz for more info.