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SportyNews is designed to help Kiwi sports organisations promote themselves and their activities online, and to make it easier for people to follow the sport they love.

There are some great stories out there and celebrating them encourages more people to get involved. But it can be hard to get content picked up by Google or mainstream media. So aggregates content that is published on public websites and showcases it in a way that is easy to search, syndicate and share.

Each news article, notice and photo is attributed and linked back to the source to help drive visitor traffic back to the originator. You can filter your own view of SportyNews by sports code, NZ region, or right down to individual organisations if you wish. It remembers your preferences when you next return to SportyNews. The service is free.

Please help encourage organisations to use SportyNews to promote themselves and their news. SportyNews has integrated with, the largest platform for sports and school websites in New Zealand to promote publicly displayed news automatically. Any organisation using a website from another provider can still use to publish content to SportyNews, or you can simply email sports media releases to [email protected].

Think you would
make a great reporter?

We’re seeking volunteers to give community sport a voice. If you (or someone you know) has a way with words and a passion for sport, they can become an Official Reporter for

We’re inviting everyone who is interested in contributing news items on community sport to become an official sports reporter for You don’t need to be an accomplished author. You simply need to have observed the sport first hand and be able to write a balanced article or comment on it. If you’ve got a photo or video highlight to add too, that’s fantastic. Note that all content must be suitable for a family audience.

All Official Reporters get their own login to post articles. To get started, simply click the button below and complete the form. We’ll be in touch.