Rules & Organiser's Handbook

UPDATED June 2023

Springston Trophy Rules

(Updated 2022)

Competition Rules .2

Preamble .2

1. The Aim .2

2. The Form of the Competition .2

3. Where and When Held .2

4. Trophies .2

5. Marking.......................................................................2

6. Entries for the Competition......................................3

7. Entry Fees..................................................................5

8. Number Two Teams..................................................5

9. Unpaid Accounts.......................................................5

10. The Executive..........................................................5

11. Meetings – Rules and Procedures.........................6

12. Special General Meetings.......................................7

13. The Springston Trophy Teams Competition.........7

14. Dress & Teams Parade............................................7

15. Programmes.............................................................8

16. Objections.................................................................8

17. Ground Jury and Appeal Committee......................8

18. Technical Delegate...................................................8

19. Cross Country Course Walk....................................8

Appendix A – Composite Teams..................................9

1. Aim..............................................................................9

2. Definition....................................................................9

3. Rules...........................................................................9

4. General........................................................................9

Appendix B - Two Age Group teams………………….10



These rules do not cover all aspects of the Competition. Where there is a rule stated, this rule will be paramount. Where the rules are silent, reference should be made to the appropriate rule in the current ESNZ Rules for Eventing and NZPCA Annex .

1. The Aim

1.1 The aim is to provide a South Island competition on similar lines to the NZPCA Horse Trial Team Championship, but catering for teams from Branches or Club. This will enable riders, who may never attain sufficient ability to gain Area Selection, to participate in a team competition, thus stimulating team spirit and interest in riding as a sport and recreation.

(Definition: the term branch refers to the branches of a club or to a club which has no branches)

2. The Form of the Competition

2.1 The competition will take the form of a Horse Trial, comprising three tests, Dressage, Cross–Country and Show jumping, normally in that sequence.

2.2 The competition will provide a test requiring courage, determination and all round ability appropriate to age group of the classes and the fact that it is a Team Competition

2.3 A Wooden Spoon Competition, comprising of Dressage and Show jumping will be held for those teams eliminated in the Cross-country phase. See Also Rule 5.4

3. Where and When Held

3.1 The competition will be held annually in such districts of the South Island as decided by the Annual meeting of Delegates. (See Delegates meeting.)

4. Trophies

4.1 The SPRINGSTON TROPHY, presented by Mr and Mrs J. Foster, will be awarded to the Winning Team.

A Silver tray, presented by MacQueens Jewelers of Blenheim, will be awarded to Runner-Up.

Wooden Spoons, suitably inscribed will be presented to the Winners of the Wooden Spoon Event.

5. Marking

5.1 The competition will be marked on a penalty basis in accordance with the ESNZ

Rules for Eventing and NZPCA Annex and the winning team will be the team

with the lowest score as follows.

5.2 In the case of a team of FOUR, the penalty scores in all three phases for ALL FOUR

riders will be added together to give the team total. This applies to Two Age group


5.3 In the case of a team of MORE THAN FOUR riders, the lowest penalty score in all

three phases in EACH CLASS plus the NEXT LOWEST penalty score will be added

together to give the team total.

5.4 For the WOODEN SPOON, the penalty scores of the DRESSAGE and SHOW

JUMPING phases will be added together and the lowest penalty score in each CLASS, plus the NEXT LOWEST score in these phases will be added together to make the team total. A team eliminated after the CROSS COUNTRY by vetting out may compete in the WOODEN SPOON, but the horses vetted out may not continue to compete.

See Also Rule 2.3

6. Entries for the Competition

6.2 All entries by TEAMS will be made by a date notified by the ORGANISING COMMITTEE. A TEAM or TEAMS will comprise of (2013):







Note riders may ride up to any age group

6.2.1 Age of rider shall be as at 1st August

6.3 In the event of a TEAM being unable to field two riders from any class, a team of

FIVE riders may be entered, provided that such a team is comprised of two riders from

each of two classes and one rider from the remaining class.

6.3.1 Likewise, a team of FOUR riders may be entered, provided that the team is

comprised of one rider from each class plus one rider from any of the three classes.

Borrowing riders. Note this rule can be applied to Two Age Group Teams.

6.3.2 In the further event that only three qualified riders can be fielded, a TEAM may,

with the consent of the District Commissioners of the Club/s, borrow ONE rider from

another BRANCH or CLUB, (1998), provided that the rider is not required for a team

from their own Branch/Club and is from such a CLASS as is necessary to make up a team of four riders.

. (6.3.3 Branches may also borrow one rider to make a team of five riders, where that rider

is in a different age class from the other four riders.

6.3.4 COMPOSITE TEAM (2001). The Rules for the Composite teams are in Appendix A.

6.3.5. Two Age Group Teams (2015). The rules for two age group teams are in Appendix B.

6.4 All TEAM entries will nominate the rider and Horse/pony combination. In the event

of illness of a horse or rider, a combination may be replaced by another combination at the discretion of and with the permission of the organising committee. Such changes must still comply with the RULES 6.2 and 6.3 above.

6.5 All entry forms must be signed by the Branch Head Coach or Club Chief Coach and also signed by the DISTRICT COMMISSIONER, (both signatures must appear on the entry form.)

6.6 To be eligible to compete in the SPRINGSTON TROPHY COMPETITION a rider

must have been a member of the BRANCH of a Club, or the CLUB (without branches) for which he/she is competing for a period of ninety days prior to the first day of the competition. Only South Island Branches or Clubs may Compete. (1972)

6.7 Competitors must have participated in and have complied with the Pony Club Working Rally Rule as set out in NZPCA General Regulations. Compliance with this rule must be signed off by Branch Head Coach or Club Chief Coach and District Commissioner.

Competitors must be financial members of their Branch or Club.


The Organizing Committee will operate a Register where Branches and Clubs

without Branches may register Riders who wish to ride in the Competition. This Register will operate on the competition website or any other means acceptable to the Organizing Committee. Branches/Clubs wishing to register Riders on the Register must make application to the organizing committee. This application will include the name and age of the Rider, & the class they wish to compete in. The application must be signed by the Branch Chief Coach and by the Club District Commissioner to certify the Rider is eligible to compete in Springston Trophy, and in particular that they comply with the Rule 6.7 and have over the last twelve months completed two One Day Horse Trials at the level they are applying to ride.” NOTE: Any dispensations required from the District Commissioner are as per Rule 23 (a) of NZPCA Horse Trials Teams Championships and must be granted at this stage. Branches and Clubs without Branches may also put any vacancies they have for Riders in their proposed teams on the Register.

This is merely a register of available riders. It is up to individuals, branches or clubs to contact each other and make up teams. If this results in a composite team each riders regional Guardians signature must be gained.

Note all relevant sections of Rule 6 and signatures must be gained prior the entries being made or accepted

7. Entry Fees

7.1 The entry fee will comprise of a NOMINATION fee and a final ACCEPTANCE fee

to be paid on the dates set by the ORGANISING COMMITTEE. The amount of these

fees to be decided from time to time by the ANNUAL MEETING OF DELEGATES.The

organising committee has the right to refuse late entries.

8. Number of Teams

8.1 Where the number of teams entered for the competition exceeds FIFTY, the Host Club will have the right to Ballot out teams from Branches/Clubs with Multiple teams. Fourth and third teams to be Balloted out first before second teams, down to that number or greater number that they can reasonable manage (2013).

9. Unpaid Accounts

9.1. Any team leaving unpaid accounts from the current year’s event are not eligible to

compete at the following year’s event. This will not apply in genuine cases of disputed accounts.

10. The Executive

10.1 The Springston Guardians have the right to accept nomination for up to three positions as Patron. The appointment of Patrons is to be confirmed by the AGM of Delegates (2001). Existing Patrons restanding are just confirmed by the AGM.

10.2 The Executive of the Competition will be known as The Guardians.

It will consist of four elected members who will hold Office for a period of four years. One Guardian will be appointed by the Guardians as Convener after the AGM for the following year. The Guardians will have voting rights.

If an elected member resigns outside an election year, the AGM will elect a replacement at the first AGM following the resignation. The South Island will be divided into four Springston Regions with one Guardian from each Region. The regions will be aligned with the four South Island Area Pony Club Boundaries. The Guardians will be elected on a rotational basis every four years as follows:

  • Region One: MARLBOROUGH, NELSON, and WEST COAST Pony Club Area. The first four year election is to be held in 2014. And there after in 2018, 2023, 2027

  • Region Two: CANTERBURY Pony Club Area. The first four year election to be held in 2015. An there after in 2019, 2024, 2028

  • Region Three: ASHBURTON SOUTH CANTERBURY NORTH OTAGO Pony Club Area The first four year election to be held in 2016. And there after in 2021, 2025, 2029.

  • Region Four: OTAGO, SOUTHLAND Pony Club Area. The first four year election to be held in 2013. And there after in 2017, 2022, 2024

10.3 Election of Guardians. WRITTEN nominations are to be received by the closing

Date for remits (see 11.4.2). If only one written nomination is received from a existing Guardian the AGM will merely confirm the appointment. In the event of a Guardian not seeking re-election and no written nominations being received by the closing date, nominations from the floor will be permitted. (2007). When a vote is required for the election of a Guardian only delegates from the region concerned will be eligible to vote. If only one written nomination is received not vote is required.

  • The election of Springston Trophy Guardians is to be held at the NZPCA Area of the Guardian to be elected, at the Area Annual General Meeting prior to the Springston Trophy AGM.

  • If 2 or more applicants are nominated for the position of Guardian in one NZPCA Area, that the nominations and profile of the 2 or more are sent to that Areas clubs without branches and branches to vote on the candidates at that Area AGM. The Area secretary is to co-ordinate the process, so all nominations are equitably treated.

  • The successful candidate to be named and sent to Springston Trophy organising committee prior to the closing date for team confirmation (mid- August) to ratify at the Springston Trophy AGM

    10.4 The competition organising committee will pay the TRAVEL and


    11. Meetings - Rules and Procedures

    11.1 The competition organising committee will arrange a meeting, known as the


    (2001) from each Branch be held during the Competition period. Each South Island Branch (or Club with no branches) will be entitled to be represented by two Delegates, who will each have one vote.

    Delegates must be nominated in writing by their branches/clubs at close of entries to be eligible to vote.

    (Nomination Forms should be available on the website but email nomination is



    11.2.1 The Chairperson and Secretary of the Annual General Meeting of Delegates shall

    be appointed by the Executive at least two months prior to the Competition.

    11.2.2 The Chairperson shall clearly inform the AGM Delegates at the beginning of the

    AGM, the standing orders, (the rules of the meeting), under which the meeting will be conducted.

    • Proxy votes are not allowed.

    • Only appointed delegates and Guardians can vote.

    • Types of voting, e.g. poll vote, simple majority, or secret ballot.

    • Voting procedure.

    • Quorum. This shall be a majority.

    • Meeting procedure and speaking rights.

    Note: The Chairperson shall have the right to discipline any member who does not abide

    by the standing orders.

    11.2.3 The AGM Secretary will record all minutes in the MINUTE BOOK kept for that

    purpose and as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event, will return the minute book to the Competition Organising Committee Secretary to be forwarded to the next organising Club or Branch.


    11.3.1 The Competition Secretary will be appointed by the Branch or Club conducting

    the Competition and will perform all secretarial duties pertaining to the Competition for that year.

    11.3.2 It is the obligation of the HOST COMMITTEE to pass on a package of general

    information relevant to the running of the Springston Trophy Competition, to the

    incoming Committee within TWO MONTHS of the conclusion of the event.


    11.4.1 A written agenda notifying Member Branches of the AGM of Delegates shall be

    circulated at least 14 days prior to the Competition. This must include the following:

    • Notice of Meeting, i.e. Venue and time.

    • Confirmation of minutes from previous AGM. (A copy of the minutes of the previous AGM to be circulated with this agenda, or at some prior date).

    • Confirmation of the appointment of Patron/Patrons.

    • Election of the Guardians.

    • Approval of entry fees.

    • Remits.

    • Amendments to the rules of the competition.

    • Amendments to these rules.

    • Approval of next year’s venue.

    • General Business will only be introduced at the discretion of the Chairperson.

    11.4.2 (2005) Proposed amendments to the Rules will be presented to the AGM of

    Delegates in either a Remit or Topic of Discussion format.

    Remits or topics for discussion maybe proposed by any branch, or clubs or by the Guardian's.

    After discussion at the AGM a vote will be taken and if passed the amendment will be

    presented as a Formal Remit to the next Annual General Meeting of delegates and if

    Passed becomes the rule at the conclusion of the Meeting. NOTE: If a Topic for Discussion is passed it will be the responsibility of the Guardians to formulate a suitable remit for the next AGM of Delegates.

    Remits are to be in the hands of the competition organising committee secretary by the closing date of Team Nomination and circulated to Member Branches within fourteen days and (2001) printed again, in full, in the Agenda of the AGM. (2007) Rules 10 to 12 (Administration Rules) may be amended by a remit being passed at one A.G.M.

    11.4.3 (2005) If a Remit or Topic of Discussion fails to be passed it cannot be represented for at least two years.

    12. Special General Meetings

    12.1 The Executive shall convene a Special General Meeting on requisition in writing,

    signed by two thirds of the Guardians or not less than two thirds of the members.

    12.2 The business of the Special General Meeting shall be stated in the requisition notice

    and no other business may be transacted.

    13. The Springston Trophy Teams Competition


    These will comply with ESNZ rules for Eventing and NZPCA annex.

    The heights will commence at CNC105 for Senior’s, CNC95 for Intermediates and CNC80 for Juniors.

    14. Dress & Teams Parade

    14.1 PONY CLUB JERSEYS must be worn in ALL THREE PHASES of the competition

    AND in the TEAMS PARADE, which will take place at the conclusion of the event.

    The organising committee are required to include in schedules and in the

    programme, reference to dress and the REQUIREMENT for all teams to take part in the TEAMS PARADE.

    15. Programmes

    15.1 The Organising Committee will compile and print a PROGRAMME for the

    competition, this programme to include the names of HORSES and RIDERS in each


    15.2 The programme must also include this statement “Neither the Organisers, nor any person acting on their behalf accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, ponies, riders or other persons, or to any property whatsoever.

    16. Objections

    16.1 The provisions in the ESNZ Rules for Eventing will apply to all objections and the deposit will only be refunded if the protest is upheld.

    17. Ground Jury and Appeal Committee

    17.1 The GROUND JURY will be as per ESNZ RULES for Eventing. The PRESIDENT of the Ground Jury is the Chief Cross Country Judge and his Assistant. The Chief judge of the Dressage or Jumping test become members for matters pertaining to their phase.

    17.2 The APPEAL COMMITTEE will consist of THREE persons, one of whom will be the PRESIDENT OF THE APPEAL COMMITTEE. The Appeal Committee members should have sound knowledge of ESNZ RULES for EVENTING and SPRINGSTON TROPHY RULES. The three persons shall be from outside the current Organising Committee and in no way connected to the JUDGES on the day or to any COMPETITORS. The Appeal Committee will deal with the following matters,

    • Appeals against decisions of the GROUND JURY or matters referred to the Appeal Committee by the Ground Jury.

    • Any complaint lodged against any person or body involved in any capacity at the event outside the jurisdiction of the Ground Jury.

    • The decision of the Appeal Committee is FINAL.

    18. Technical Delegate

    18.1 The TECHNICAL DELEGATE/S for the competition will be approved by the EXECUTIVE.

    18.2 The TRAVEL EXPENSES of the Technical Delegates will be paid by the

    Organising Committee (1998)

    19. Cross Country Course Walk

    19.1 Immediately following the first official Cross-Country Course walk, there will be a place made available for the Coaches, Managers, XC course designer, TD and XC Judge to meet. This will enable the Coaches and Managers to express any views and / or concerns they may have regarding the Cross-Country Course (2001).



    1. Aim

    1.1 To assist those riders whose Branch/Club is unable to field a team, even when using Rule 6.3 (borrowing) or Rule 6.6 (transfers), a Composite Team will be formed and allowed to compete.

    2. Definition

    2.1 A Composite Team is one composed of riders from two or more Branches of the

    same Club. Where even this is not sufficient, riders from different Clubs may make up the Composite team. It is the intent that Composite teams should be made up of branches of the same Club or Branches/Clubs from the same Area first.

    3. Rules

    3.1 Rule 6.7 rallies/financial etc applies to Composite Teams.

    3.2 Where a Club is forming a Composite Team from it’s own Branches, preference is to be given to riders from branches which cannot furnish a normal team. (Where a Branch could furnish a team under Rule 6.3/6.6, it must do so before any of its members can be eligible for a Composite Team.)

    3.3 Composite Teams must be nominated, as are Branch Teams, by the due date. (It is appreciated that some of the members of the Composite Team may subsequently be required for a Branch Team)

    3.4 After the date of acceptance, the Composite Team named may only be changed with the permission of the Organising Committee (at this point the Composite Team members named cannot be transferred back to Branch teams)

    3.5 The name used for every composite team must include up to three of the

    Majority club/branch names and include composite. This is subject to host committee's approval (to distinguish it from a conventional Branch Team.)

    3.6 In addition to the Rule 6.5 requirement, (signature of DC/HC or CC) Where a team is being formed by riders from different Clubs the regional Guardian of each Club must sign. In lieu of a signature an email or fax from the relevant Guardian’s to the Secretary of the Organising Committee will be sufficient (It is expected that where possible the guardians will oversee and approve any proposed Composite Teams.)

    3.7 Composite Teams are to be competitive.

    3.8 Composite teams will be allowed an extra week to enter, but should notify the

    Organising Committee of their intent to enter as early as possible. To make provision for a team to be put together with left over riders so that as many qualified riders as possible are able to enter.

    4. General

    4.1 It is the right of the Organising Committee to accept or decline Composite Teams.

    4.2 It is not the intention to permit Composite Teams to be a way of “strengthening “ Branch teams, but an alternative system to help worthy riders, who would otherwise miss out, to compete in the Springston Trophy, hopefully to the benefit of the South Island Pony Clubs.

    APPENDIX B Two Age Group Teams

    A Branch or Club that can’t field a team that complies with current Springston

    Trophy Rule 6, in particular 6.3 & 6.3.1 be allowed to enter a team comprising of

    Four riders made up of 2 riders from any two of the three Springston Trophy


    That is, for example the team could consist of 2 juniors and 2 intermediates or 2

    Juniors 2 seniors or 2 intermediates 2 seniors.

    Age groups as per Springston Trophy Rules would apply:

    This team will comply with every other current Springston Trophy Rules.

    1. As with a four-person team that can comply with rule 6 they will be competitive

    But will not have any insurance or discard scores.

    2. Two Age Group Teams will start with a 25-point penalty. This is to respect

    Springston Trophy as set up by the founders and discourage teams using this

    Option when they might well be able to enter a complaint or composite team.

    3. No composite team will be accepted for this Two Age Group Team Category.

    This proposal only effects Rule 6 - 6.3 & 6.3.1 but please be familiar with all other

    Current Springston Rules.

    Note Rule 6.3.2 Borrowing riders applies to Two Age Group Teams