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The N.Z.Moth is a high performance single handed sailing dinghy, with basically a one-design hull and rig, based on the original 1946 design by Len Morris of Australia. Considerable freedom of choice as to deck, cockpit, rudder and plate, and spar details add interest and developement potential to the class. But in essence, the plan shape, keel spring and flat square sections are one-design with tolerances.

The NZ Moth is a spirited boat, with one square foot of sail area for every pound of hull weight on an 11 foot (3.35 metres) scow type hull. This is a thrilling low-cost one person racing yacht, that does not require a lot of sailing experience to have fun on the water.

The Canterbury New Zealand Moth Class Association has a fleet of NZ Moths, sailing from Stewarts Gully Sailing Club, which is increasing in numbers. There is also small fleets in in Auckland, Wanganui and Whangarei. Each season the CNZMCA organize Canterbury and South Island Championships, The New Zealand Championship alternates between the North and South Islands. Various venues are used for these regatta’s. The NZ Moth Class also support the Oborns Nautical Estuary Pennant races. CNZMCA followers really enjoy all these racing and social events.

NZ Moth Specs :-
Length:                        3.335 m              (11 ft)

Beam:                        1.270 m              (4 ft 2 in)

Sail Area:                    8.38 sq m          (90 sq ft)

Weight; (min)              41 Kg                    (90 lb)

Plywood                  3mm

Crew Weight:            65 to 90 kg

Second Hand cost:    $300 to $1000

Contacts:-  Warren Thomas,  CNZMCA President                    ph 03 3529428

                      Lindsay Russell,  CNZMCA Secretary/Treasurer                    

                    Lindsay Russell,  CNZMCA                  Vice President  ph 03 3136709  02102693559      [email protected]

              2020/ 2021 CHAMPIONSHIPS

NZ Moth South Island Champs November 11 & 12  2023 at Waimakariri Sailing Club

NZ Moth Canterbury Champs   January 20 & 21  2024  at Stewarts Gully Sailing Club.

NZ Moth NZ Champs   February 17 & 18  2024   at Stewarts Gully Sailing Club.