Items available at the Warehouse include;  skirts, skorts, summer shorts, socks, woollen jumpers,  Logoed sky blue polo tops, Yr 7/8 shirts and blouses.  Navy Polo fleeces are  available at Stitchery House ( corner of Queen and  Tomoana Roads)  A maroon slouch hat and the sports uniform are available through the School Office.  Summer dress samples are available  at the School Office - order online www.mainlanduniforms.co.nz. 

Girls Summer Dress - Years 1-8 (Optional)

Girls Winter Uniform - Years 1-6

Girls Winter Uniform - Years 7-8

Girls Summer Uniform - Years 1-6

Girls Summer Uniform - Years 7-8

Girls Sports Uniform

Boys Winter Uniform - Years 1-6

Boys Winter Uniform - Years 7-8

Boys Summer Uniform - Years 1-6

Boys Summer Uniform - Years 7-8

Boys Sports Uniform