Special Character

St. Mary's is a full Yr 1 - 8 Primary School in the Catholic Parish of Hastings. 

At our School the traditions and practices of the Catholic Church are learnt and experienced.  The Gospel Values of Jesus Christ,  including love,  compassion and forgiveness, contribute to a school community who care about the family,  about New Zealand society and about the world.  Mary  the Mother of God,  is our Patron Saint.

Religious Education

​​​​​​​In the Religious Education Curriculum our students learn about God,  Jesus Christ,  the Holy Spirit, The Church,  the Sacraments and the Communion of Saints.

Prayer is an integral part of daily school life and our students attend Mass regularly in the Madonna Maria Chapel on our school site. Students are prepared for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in partnership with the Parish. Some of the major Liturgical Celebrations include :

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Lent
  • Easter Liturgy
  • The Feast of the Assumption
  • Saint Mary's Feast Day
  • Saint Mary MacKillop of the Cross Feast Day
  • St Joseph's Feast Day
  • Christmas
  • Weekly Masses
  • School/Parish Masses

​​​​​​​As witnesses to Jesus Christ we live by the Gospel Values of:

 RESPECT -  for

Other people
Our environment


Our friendship with God
The things we do
The words we speak
​​​​​​​What we think


Our friends
Our classmates
Our teachers
​​​​​​​Our families