St Mary's School has a strong tradition of involvement in sport.  Although the school has limited sports resources, we rely on partnering with parents and caregivers to coach teams, manage teams and transport and supervise children at sports events.

Whilst we have a very supportive group of parents and caregivers who regularly give of their time, we are always looking for more.  You don't have to be an expert at sport, just have a willingness to help out.

Key roles that parents and caregivers can perform:

Coach:  Coaching is a great way of getting alongside the kids, who are there to learn new skills and for the fun of sport.  If you are not confident with the way the sport is played, we can give you coaching manuals and tips and tricks.

Team Manager:  This entails sending out reminders about the practices and games, and assisting at coaching sessions.

​​​​​​​If you think these are some ways you could help, please email Lisa Judge on

All Coaches and Managers will need to complete a Police Check, the form can be downloaded from this site. Please complete the form and bring it in to Sue Toombs, along with 2 forms of identification, i.e. Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate and/or Passport


​​​​​​​We would love to hear from you.